Gov. Rick Snyder's talent message: What happened to letting the market decide?

In Gov. Rick Snyder's latest special message, he made a vague pronouncement that community colleges, universities and trade schools should stop "overproducing" graduates in areas Michigan doesn't need.

He notes that Michigan could use people trained in computer programming, math, health care and engineering. But the governor doesn't say what programs colleges should cut or cut back.
There are a couple big problems with this big government solution. The first is that in Snyder's new business friendly culture, shouldn't we let the market decide? After all, if parents and students want to invest in art history or classical languages degrees, who is Gov. Snyder to dictate that schools stop offering them?

If enough people aren't interested in classes, universities drop them for the semester. The same can go for majors. How is it that the state of Michigan should be getting involved in this process?

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