Susan J. Demas: Why do Obamacare foes hate job creators?

I am a job creator.

I took the risk and invested my money in two businesses (four, if you count my husband's holdings).

Owning your own business is everything it's cracked up to be. I love the freedom of running Inside Michigan Politics. I can write about what's important, and take the publication in new directions, like overhauling the website and online content.

I have a lot more time for my family, because my time is my own. When you're the boss, you can set your own hours. Mine include breaks for homework, school concerts and impromptu trips to museums.

When conservatives talk about business owners being the emblem of the American Dream, I get it. I mean, nobody's sent me a thank-you card yet (DM me for my address), but that's cool. I get to live it.

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