Susan J. Demas: Love freedom? Then love the national parks

Rock Mountain National Park, Colorado, September 2015

Rock Mountain National Park, Colorado, September 2015

ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK, Colo. -- I get libertarianism.

I get the idea that no one likes paying taxes. I get that some folks have decided that kicking in as little as humanly possible is "freedom."

I get that some Americans are deeply suspicious of the government robbing us of our freedom and find solace in the Tea Party.

I get that many people don't particularly want to pay for government spending they don't need or approve of, like the Iraq war or welfare.

I get that many Americans view themselves as islands or lone wolves who don't depend on the dang gov'mint for anything.

I also get that 99.9 percent of these people are full of crap. Whether it's the roads they drive on, the schools their kids attend, the water they drink, the toilets they flush, the Social Security they collect, the small business loan they attained or the homeowners' tax break they enjoy, most libertarians, alas, are beholden to Big Government.

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