When it comes to what's really going on in Michigan politics and policy, no one knows more than Susan J. Demas. There's a reason why she's the most-quoted political commentator in Michigan. Just about every week –– and sometimes every day –– you can find Demas featured in or on local, national and international TV, radio, newspapers, magazines and websites.

WMEM featuring Susan Demas

WMEM featuring Susan Demas

FOX17 featuring Susan Demas

FOX17 featuring Susan Demas


Tom Watkins, former Michigan State Superintendent, writing in Dome Magazine, 7/22/16


Susan Demas – Nothing “Vanilla” About Her

"Susan seems to be a modern day Finley Peter Dunne. Finley Dunne (July 10, 1867 – April 24, 1936) was an American humorist and writer from The Windy City.  With sly humor and political acumen, he pounced upon the political and social issues of his day. It is reported that Dunne’s work “became so popular and such a litmus test of public opinion that they were read each week at White House cabinet meetings.”  (Source: Fanning, Charles. Finley Peter Dunne & Mr. Dooley: The Chicago Years. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky. 1978.)

"Ms. Demas seems to have channeled Mr. Dunne’s most famous quote attributed to his fictional character, Martin Dooley, a saloonkeeper who commented in a rich Irish brogue on politics and society when he said, “The job of the newspaper is to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” 

"She has done both with zest and zeal."

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"When I want to know what's happening in Michigan politics and policy –– and what will happen next –– I read Susan J. Demas. Her sharp and insightful analysis of the Michigan political scene is second-to-none."

— Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (D-MI 12), former Democratic National Committeewoman and Chair of the Wayne State University Board of Governors

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“Susan J. Demas brings her experience and unique perspective to delivering in-depth, behind-the-scenes political analysis not found elsewhere. She is always a ‘must read.’”

– Kathy Barks Hoffman, Senior Account Executive with Lansing-based Martin Waymire public relations, former Associated Press Capitol Bureau Chief

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“In my last 12 years of experience dealing with the media in Michigan and national politics, I can say that Susan J. Demas ranks among the best I've dealt with. I respect her commitment to journalistic integrity, her respect for sources, and her dedication to being fair in her news coverage.”

– Matt Marsden, Co-Founder of the Pontiac-based data firm Revsix, former Senior Adviser to Republican state Senate Majority Leaders Randy Richardville and Mike Bishop, and former Chief of Staff to Republican Congressman Joe Schwarz

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"I trust Susan J. Demas to tell me what’s really going on in politics and my bipartisan communications team has long relied on her analysis and insight so we can better help our clients. And as a fellow female business owner, I know the challenges and have admired some of the tough calls she’s made."

— Kelly Rossman-McKinney, CEO and and Principal of Lansing-based Truscott Rossman public relations, 2017 MIRS/EPIC-MRA Insider Survey Most Effective Public Relations Professional

If you’d like to know why Donald Trump is barreling his way to victory in Michigan’s March 8 primary, look no further than his boisterous, standing-room-only rally in Macomb County on Friday.
— Susan J. Demas, Political Wire, 3/4/16
Michigan never had anything to worry about as far as being ignored in this presidential contest.
— Susan J. Demas, Detroit Free Press, 7/30/15
I’m sure that Gov. Snyder would give anything to go back in time to 2015, back when everybody was speculating he was going to run for president or be on the ticket… It has been a pretty amazing turnaround.
— Susan J. Demas, Detroit News, 3/31/16