Where's Susan?

When Jyllands-Posten (Danish TV) wanted to know what was happening with the 2016 Iowa caucuses, they interviewed me. When Detroit become the largest U.S. municipality in history to file for bankruptcy, the Australian Broadcast Corp. reached out to me. And when Politico wanted to know how Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder was weathering the Flint water crisis, they called me. 

As someone who was painfully shy as a child, I certainly never expected this. But somewhere between covering the 2004 Iowa caucuses, traveling to report on troops training for the Iraq war, writing a 25-page research paper on Michigan's redistricting process, and reporting on Michigan's decade-long recession and its rocky journey back ... TV, radio, magazines and newspapers started contacting me more and more. 

I've done my best to shed light on what's going on in Michigan and the rest of the world for a variety of audiences. It's been an eye-opening and humbling experience.