Susan J. Demas: Conservatives mocking fast-food workers losing jobs to robots may find they're next

There's little that inspires conservative derision like fast-food workers demanding a fair wage.

For more than a year, there's been a union-backed campaign to pay these employees $15 an hour. That's double the federal minimum wage ($7.25). But when you consider that there's no state in the country where a full-time minimum wage job will get you a one-bedroom apartment -- you'd have to work 58 hours in Michigan -- that doesn't seem terribly unreasonable.

Fast-food CEOs also make 1,200 times what their average worker does. And this isn't necessarily reward for a job well done -- McDonald's sales have slumped considerably.

But conservatives have mocked the workers as lazy and lacking marketable skills. They deserve what they get. (These are probably the folks who go ballistic at the clerk for depositing two Splendas, not three, into their morning coffee, as the world's saddest ego trip).

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