Susan J. Demas: Michigan GOP state convention shows why National Committeeman Dave Agema isn't going anywhere

"Make no mistake about it - [the] crazy racist, homophobic and xenophobic National Committeeman has tremendous power in the Michigan GOP. ... If [Dave] Agema were to run for reelection to his post, he would win." -- Republican consultant Joe Munem after attending the Feb. 20-21 Michigan GOP state convention

Dave Agema was elected to his post almost three years ago.

Since then, he's unleashed a string of eye-popping homophobic comments (gays want free health care because they're all dying of AIDS). He's insulted Muslims many times ("Have you ever seen a Muslim do anything that contributes positively to the American way of life?")

Most recently, Agema shared on Facebook (his favorite medium) an article on African-American crime that appeared in a white supremacist magazine, as conservative MLive columnist Ken Braun pointed out (Agema called it "very enlightening.")

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